Property Management

Clear Hands Building Services, with years of experience in managing apartment buildings, has now expanded its range of services to managing houses or individual apartments. In this way, we provide you with the opportunity of allowing us to manage your property, which you are not able to watch over efficiently due to distance, lack of time or know-how.
  • We take care of and protect your property.
  • We look after your best interests.
  • We oversee the expenses and send you a detailed statement.
In particular:
  • We undertake the financial and technical management of your property.
  • We undertake its legal supervision.
  • We undertake the insurance – protection of your property against any danger.
  • By means of a clear-cut agreement, we undertake the administration and supervision of your property with clarity and trustworthiness. As a result, we free you from unnecessary actions and from any procedures, relieving you of a great burden and any potential unforeseen hazards. Our philosophy is to manage your property in the best way possible, reliably, protecting your best interests and assuring your peace of mind.

Our Services

For the rental of your property:

1. Finding a suitable and dependable tenant, if your property is to be rented.

2. Timely delivery of the leasing agreement to the taxation office.

3. Visits to your property and communication with the building supervisor.

4. The staff of Clear Hands monitors all the utility bills (electricity, water, corporate fees, taxation, etc.) and maintains the regular payment of all your property’s expenses.

5. Programmed maintenance of your property, repairs of unforeseen damages, and an assessment of the necessity of these repairs.

6. We represent you when the tenant moves into or leaves the property, and in any other discussion or disagreement with the tenant.

7. At the end of the leasing agreement, we inspect your property and make sure that there are no damages; wethen return the security balance to the tenant and retrieve the keys.

8. We will send you a detailed biannual analysis, or more frequently if you wish, of the income and expenses of your property.

9. Moreover, we advise you of possible changes or improvements that can be made so that your property does not lose its commercial value.

For property that is not rented, or is visited periodically:

1. We inspect and control the maintenance of the property at regular intervals.

2. We collect the bills and correspondence, and inform you of their payment.

3. We inform you of any possible damages or necessary repairs, and following an agreement, undertake the repairs.

4. Subsequent to notification, we will prepare your property so that it is ready to welcome you upon your arrival, i.e. cleaning, inspecting the electricity, water, and telephone facilities, and the air conditioning, etc.

5. Furthermore, we can provide services prior to your arrival, such as a supermarket list, airing out of the bedrooms, etc.

Our office has the capacity to provide partial or total coverage of the aforementioned services, with the aim to offer the best possible result to the owner of each property, according to his needs or demands. Additionally, there are prepared package services which we can adapt to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us, and our expert staff will assist and guide you with your selection.